Some Thoughts on the Current Affairs’ ‘How SEO is Gentrifying the Internet’ Article

I’m always fascinated to read coverage of SEO from outsiders. We constantly talk about traffic, rankings, ramping up content production, building links, etc., and winning the battle for search visibility for our employers and clients. It seems like the end user – actual Google searchers – get little attention in most SEO spaces.

Current Affairs recently published an article called “How SEO is Gentrifying the Internet.” It’s some pretty harsh coverage of SEO as a practice, particularly around how good SEO can exclude what’s good for the audience. 

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Obviously Awesome – Book Notes and Summary

Obviously Awesome is a positioning methodology by well-known positioning expert April Dunford. Dunford’s book has made the rounds recently as the go-to positioning process, especially for tech companies, though her positioning exercise can be applied to almost every industry.

If you’ve tried doing any sort of positioning work before and found it frustrating or useless, April Dunford’s book contains some invaluable lessons and an easy-to-follow methodology that you can use to build up stronger positioning for whatever you’re working on.

This summary is really just the most actionable parts of the book for me. I would strongly recommend buying and reading the whole thing, as Dunford includes templates and case studies that really bring these tips to life.

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The ‘Sweet Leaf’ Edit

One of the first songs I learned to play most of the way through on guitar was “Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath.

I worked on it for about a week with a friend of mine who was also just starting to learn guitar as well. We practiced together, gave each other feedback, and we started to feel pretty good about our playing.

After I got home from one of our practice sessions, I decided to show my mom what I had been working on. She’s a classic rock fan, and I knew she would be impressed, just like my friend and I were. 

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